I work two days on and have three days off and today is Friday so it’s time to get the young people out of bed for school.

Breakfast table is all set and they are all up and about. I love the hussle bussle of the home in the morning—lots of chatter around the breakfast table.

Two kids go to school and the third to college.

The manager has been really busy lately so has given me a huge things-to-do list. Delegated other tasks to the team and cracked on in the office.

Got a call at 11 to say a young person needs picking up from school as he is unwell. I down tools and off I go.

Back at the home and have a bit of lunch with the young person before he goes for a lie down.

Completed two staff supervisions before going off to pick the others up from school, then its back to the home to help with homework.

Made a shepherds pie for tea which everyone said they didn’t want (interestingly it all got eaten), then we all watched television for a while.

A couple of the young people wanted to go to the park so we all went and had a game of football.

Once back at the house the children settled to their rooms and I got on with the to-do list for the manager (I seem to have added to it through the day).

Never mind tomorrow is Saturday and I get to spend the whole day with the kids.

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