Great, it’s Sunday morning and I’m off to football with one of our young people. He is really good, and I am so proud of him as when he came to us he was really scared of being around people and was very shy. He wasn’t going to school and now he attends full time.

Anyway, after football we go for a nice breakfast before going back to the home.

I manage to get a bit of paperwork in and complete the weekly health and safety checks before going off out again to take a young person to visit her family. This can be a bit stressful as there are some issues with the family and visits don’t always go well.

On this occasion all went well and she had a lovely time.

On the way back to the house one of the young people called and asked if we could pick her up on our way back which she did. We then went to get the car washed.

When we got to the home we had a lovely Sunday dinner for tea before playing on the games console for a couple of hours.

The young people settled to bed nicely and I went back to my paperwork and a to-do list that had been given to me by the deputy manager. 

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