The individual needs of children and young people are at the forefront of
First Blue Healthcare services.

Staff will act as corporate parents to the children and young people, whilst at the
same time listening to their views and opinions in relation to their day to day care.
Children and young people will be encouraged to achieve educationally, make
friends within the local community, and have every opportunity to participate in
existing hobbies and interests along with the chance to try new adventures.
They will be encouraged to lead healthy lifestyles and maintain family relationships
where appropriate.
We have created a structure within the company that is transparent and honest in
all we do. Our staff are the most vital asset we have.
Therefore, we promote the care of our staff so they can carry out their roles with all
due diligence and care.
Reflection will be encouraged to ensure we grow and develop into an outstanding
provider that delivers the highest quality of care to our young people and staff. This
will be achieved through training, development, regular supervision and appraisals.
At First Blue we provide an alternative homes for children and young people who
are no longer able to live with their families.
Our care is progressive in nature, and supports children and young people who, at
times, present with behaviour that challenges, and who may also have additional
learning needs.

None of us are perfect.  We accept that.  It’s normal to feel big emotions – anger, frustration etc.  Sometimes these emotions get the better of us all and lead us to do things we wouldn’t normally do.  For example, break something or shout at someone.  Over time, we should learn more helpful ways of expressing these feelings.  In the meantime, if something like this happens, then we will help you to put it right.  For example, if something gets broken, you may be asked to go out with the adults to buy a replacement.  Or if someone is upset, we might help you think of things you can do to make them feel better.  Although we like to avoid it, there are some occasions where punishment cannot be avoided, for example if a crime is committed.  In which case, this may be taken out of our hands.  However, we will still be there to support you.

Everyone is individual.  Therefore, we all have different abilities and need different things.  There will be some rules that are the same for everyone (including adults), such as wearing a seat belt in the car.  However, most will be based on you.  We do not want rules for rules sake.  So hopefully, they will only be in place if they support you to achieve things.  If you don’t understand why something is the way that it is, ask us.  Sometimes we get stuck in our ways and so if there doesn’t seem to be a good reason, it is okay to ask for this to be changed.  We will always try to apply rules fairly.  That said, ‘Fair’ doesn’t not always mean ‘the same’. 

Of course, as part of a healthier balanced diet.  You probably won’t find fizzy drinks on constant supply in the fridge, and you probably won’t be going to collect a takeaway every night.  However, if these are things you enjoy, then we want you to be able to have them – in moderation.   

Absolutely, your visitors are welcome.  It is useful for us to know in advance, so we can make sure we plan the day accordingly.  We would expect your social worker to visit regularly.  Family and friends are welcome, and we look forward to meeting them.  However, in a few cases there may be restrictions on visiting arrangements with certain people.  We will always discuss this with you individually. 

The homes all have Wifi and a Netflix subscription.  There will be certain restrictions in place that may limit what programmes you can watch and what material you can view online.  An example might be due to your age.  Whenever there is a limit, we will always discuss the reasons why with you.  It will also be regularly reviewed to ensure it is only in place as long as is necessary.  For example, age 15 restriction removed when you turn 16. 

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