Assessment Process

All of our assessments are undertaken following the guidelines within the Framework for Assessment of Children in Need and their Families and we utilise the Parent Assess Manual (PAMs) to deliver this.


Generally, our assessments are informed through a letter of instruction by the courts and we use this, our own assessment, and information shared by the local authority and other statutory agencies to develop a tailored support and assessment programme for each individual family. Although our primary purpose will always be to undertake impartial assessments, where it is appropriate we also aim to upskill, educate and equip parents with all the necessary skills required to achieve a positive outcome from their time with us.



CCTV is situated throughout the service, meaning assessments can be undertaken on a 24hr basis. Upon a family’s arrival, 24hr monitoring will always occur to ensure the protection and safety of families. However, if agreed as part of the placement planning process, we can remove this element of the assessment.


Assessments generally last 12 weeks however, where required we can adapt the length of an assessment to cater for individual needs. Upon completion of the assessment, we can also offer continued residential support where families stay with us to continue developing their parenting skills.  

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