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Our primary focus is about the individual needs of children and young people in our care. Our hope is that they can reflect on their time with us knowing they were valued and cared for in a nurturing and loving environment. We employ individuals who share our vision for success, creating a caring environment and great memories for young people.
Our Placement team work in close partnership with authorities in order to ensure all needs are met when placing a child or young person with us. This ensures that we can give them the best possible start in their new home as we open up new exciting opportunities to them.

Why Choose First Blue Healthcare?

First Blue Healthcare is a dynamic, innovative, and ambitious group of dedicated individuals who wish to create beautiful childrens homes, in which young people who have fallen upon unfortunate times can thrive.

We employ caring individuals who share our vision for success, and most importantly, we aspire to create amazing memories for our young people.

At First Blue Healthcare, young people are at the heart of our culture, and we put them first. We ensure we deliver quality childrens care homes and provide therapy for all young people as standard— to allow reintegration back into education and to deliver positive outcomes.

Through the use of PACE, First Blue Healthcare is at the forefront of Residential Children’s Care.

At First Blue Healthcare we recognise each child as an individual.
We cherish their qualities and uniqueness.
We want them to reflect on their time with us having been cared for in a loving, nurturing environment.

Positive Outcomes

By providing young people with the stability of our quality childrens care homes, and therapy as standard, we continually see the young people placed with us experience a positive transition to adulthood.

Alongside this, we ensure young people have lots of fun, feel loved and cared for, and have the opportunity to build amazing memories.

Quality Of Homes

First Blue Healthcare provides beautifully designed and furnished childrens homes. It is essential to us that our young people have the best possible environment to thrive, achieve their goals and feel comfortable in their environment.

We want children to live in a safe home, to feel at ease and experience a loving and nurturing environment. A home where they have access to education and support to put them on the right path to achieve their life goals.

Every one of our childrens homes is unique in location and design, and are all OFSTED registered.

Effective communication ensures information is shared quickly, which helps to keep children safe.
One social worker told the inspector "communication is fantastic; I get regular emails and phone calls" - OFSTED 2020

Therapy As Standard

We understand that mental, emotional, and behavioural trauma in childhood can cause long term problems that may affect the health and well-being of children, families, and communities. Providing therapy to all our young people—we hope to address any issues as soon as possible. This helps to minimise problems at school, and improves their ability to form lasting friendships in the future.

Reintegrate Back Into Education

One size does not fit all, every child is different.

Our trained residential support workers and therapists work alongside the education providers to create bespoke plans for our young people.

Each young person will have varying levels of coping skills and resilience when returning to and/or moving education provider, so having an open mind about what pupils may be going through, how they will be coping with it, and what support they need is always paramount.

"Children who have experienced difficulties with education attainment have been supported by staff to re-engage with learning.
As a result, children are beginning to make good progress in their education." - OFSTED 2020

PACE Model Training

With many of our young people having experienced difficulties in early life, First Blue Healthcare is dedicated to using the fundamentals of PACE (Playfulness, Acceptance, Curiosity, Empathy) to help create a secure support structure.

With PACE, our young people can start to look at themselves and let others start to see them or get closer emotionally. In short, they can start to trust again! 

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Feedback from a few of the local authorities that we work with.

  • The Local Authority have placed a young person who has complicated needs with First Blue Healthcare. The staff team have demonstrated a high skill level to manage this child and have the ability to address her needs in a sensitive way. They have reduced her anxiety level using a consistent approach that is both caring and positive. The home have been able to advocate for her with education and health. They attend all MASE and Care Planning meetings, and have a high level of commitment to the child. The Local Authority have acknowledged the high level of support that First Blue Healthcare have shown to the child in their care.
    Social Worker
  • The young person has made incredible progress in all areas of her life, this is the most settled I have ever seen her, which I believe is credit to the excellent and consistently good care she has received at First Blue Healthcare. The young person has struggled to trust adults in the past but has managed to build some very promising relationships with staff from an early juncture. I feel that these positive attachments have formed a positive foundation.

    The home maintains an excellent level of communication with myself. I have every confidence that the young person will continue to have her needs met to an excellent standard within her current care setting.
    Social Worker
  • It has been lovely to work with First Blue Healthcare. I would happily say that you have been the most communicative, supportive and consistent residential provider I have worked with and it has been a fantastic place for our young person to be.
    Social Worker
  • I just wanted to say a big thank you to your staff who supported the young person through their order!
    There consistent support, guidance and encouragement really helped the young person to get through their order. It’s also brilliant to have the same staff supporting the young person as I know staff in residential care can sometimes change frequently.
    The young person appears to be thriving in their placement and achieving in education. Your all doing something right!!
    YOT Worker
  • I have observed a very positive relationship between my young person and the team at First Blue Healthcare. As his Social Worker, the staff group have provided a warm and friendly atmosphere which has had a significant impact the young person’s life and his is now ready for more independence. They are very attuned to his needs and they are very good advocates for him. There is a real sense that staff really care and often go above and beyond, being positive role models for him. The Staff team have been very responsive to emails and telephone calls and actively participate in a number of different meetings.
    Social Worker
Ofsted Registered
At First Blue we are fully Ofsted Registered for your peace of mind.

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