Day in the life of a Registered Manager

A Typical Registered Manger's Day

My Plan for the Day

MONDAY — My Actual Day


  • 08.00 Telephone call with the on-call manager to check on the weekend
  • 08.30 Handover with the team look at plans for the day
  • 09.30 Telephone call with the other managers and operations manager to discuss homes and plans for the week
  • 10.30 Supervision with the Deputy Manager
  • 12.00 Complete the whole things-to-do list that has been following me around for weeks
  • 16.00 Spend an hour with the kids before home

Got into work a bit late due to traffic, rushed through calls and handover.

Attended a Child Looked After review meeting that no one had told me about, so had to cancel supervision (add to my to-do list).

Lots of recommendations made in the review regarding this young person (add to my to-do list).

Then got called into one of the young people’s school as there had been a problem.

Spent an hour or so with the young person explaining why school is so important.

Following this, the risk assessment for education needs updating (add to my to-do list).

Had a long telephone conversation with the Operations Manager (add lots to my to-do list).

Spent an hour with the young people before home.

I love this job and spending time with the children. I am sure I will complete my to do list tomorrow.

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