I love this job! I cant believe that I get paid to spend time with kids and help them.

It’s Tuesday morning and I need to get one of the young people to school some miles away. I don’t mind as it gives us time to chat and he really opens up when we are in the car. 

Once he’s been dropped of I go to attend a training session at the office. (I was a bit nervous as I don’t know many people, and some high up people work there who I haven’t met)

I shouldn’t have worried as everyone was really nice and friendly. We had a lovely lunch and I learned loads about safeguarding our young people (although I had already done a course as part of my induction).

After training I went back to the home and all the young people were already back from school.

I had a handover from the manager who had been covering my shift whilst I was at training

I then took two of the young people late night shopping and we had a lovely hot chocolate before coming home

Once the young people were in bed I completed some paperwork (I am getting quicker) before having a de-brief with my colleague about how the day has gone.

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