• Residential Support Worker
  • Team Leader
  • Deputy Manager
  • Registered Manager

Career Pathway - Deputy Manager

Developing Your Career as a - Deputy Manager

As the Deputy Manager, you will provide support to the Registered Manager in all areas of running the home.

You will have key areas of responsibility which will include leading and managing both employees and resources to ensure high standards of service are achieved within the home, exceeding regulatory standards.

You will support new colleagues and have shared responsibility for the home's outcomes including the welfare, safety and progression of young people. In return we will ensure that you are enrolled to complete your Diploma 5 qualification in readiness to become a registered manager in the future.

Again, at this stage there are lots of opportunities to work with the young people and influence them in a positive manner. When the registered manager is away, this becomes your opportunity to shine and run the home in their absence. This involves completing the rota, looking after petty cash, timesheets etc. You will be expected to take part in the on-call process and this will further enhance your skills in leadership and management.

By the time you have completed your Diploma 5 you may well, yes you have guessed it—be ready for your next move forward

On completion of her qualification she was promoted to the role of residential team leader which included a pay increase to match her increased level of responsibility.

She undertook supervision training and also became responsible for mentoring new residential support workers, completing weekly monitoring, and updating young people's care plans. Six months later she had the opportunity to apply for the deputy post and was once again successful

Dave's journey for completing this was at times challenging, particularly due to his family commitments.

Dave continued in his role as residential support worker for a further eighteen months, after which he successfully achieved the role of residential support team leader