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  • Team Leader
  • Deputy Manager
  • Registered Manager

Career Pathway - Operations Manager/Responsible Individual

Developing Your Career as a - Operations Manager/Responsible Individual

As an Operations Manager, you will have responsibility for six homes within a specified hub. This role is integral in supporting registered managers to develop and grow their service to provide the best quality of service within each of their homes. This will include building and maintaining relationships with stakeholders, business development, and ensuring quality is at the forefront to deliver individual care to our young people in an innovative centred way, in line with the First Blue Healthcare ethos—always keeping young people at the heart of every decision we make.

As an operations manager, you will be strategically accountable for the financial and operational performance of a region. This includes leading a management team, the management of quality and care standards, cost control, commissioning, employee engagement initiatives, engaging with a spectrum of stakeholders, and ensuring regulatory requirements are satisfied. As the responsible individual of six homes you will be registered with the regulator and have to undertake an interview to ensure you are suitably equipped to complete your role

Mabel really enjoyed this role as deputy manager, and just 18 months later as a natural progression felt ready for a new challenge.

Her manager—who she had worked alongside since she joined the company— had progressed into an operations managers role. This motivated Mabel to apply for her job

Dave remained in this role for three years before progressing to the role of Deputy manager.

As part of his professional development he commenced the Diploma Level 5 in leadership and management. Dave thoroughly enjoyed this role and remained in the position for three years, which also fitted in well with his family commitments