Day-to-Day Life

It is important for families to work towards being as independent as possible whilst in a placement to enable staff to gain a well informed picture of how a parent would function on a day-to-day basis if living in their own home. Families, therefore, purchase their own food, cook their own meals and care for their own children.


Staff work closely with families at our residential assessment centres to assess and support them in their parenting. There are communal programmes, both educative and social activities designed to give children and families.

There are basic house rules contained in our policies and procedures designed to keep residents safe and foster respect between families in residence. These relate to:

  • practical issues - keeping communal areas clean.
  • safety - drug and alcohol consumption, violence and bullying.
  • equal opportunities - racial, religious and sexual discrimination. 

We operate a no-smoking policy within the house to minimise the risk of fire and to provide a smoke-free environment for children, caregivers, and staff. Residents will be provided with a guide upon admission to the service, detailing the expected standards that ensure a quality experience is had by all.


While at our family assessment centres, there are numerous leisure activities in the local area for residents to enjoy as a family. Whether you enjoy a stroll in the park, a game of bowling or having dinner out, there are plenty of options to keep everyone entertained. Please refer to your resident's guide to see what is available in the local area. It’s important to remember that, while we want you to enjoy your stay, activities should be planned with your key worker to ensure it doesn’t conflict with anything else. 

Ofsted Registered
At First Blue we are fully Ofsted Registered for your peace of mind.

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