A Flippin Great Pancake Day at First Blue Healthcare

February 22, 2023

At First Blue Healthcare, one of our main aims is to ensure a "normal" and loving environment in all our children's homes. An important part of achieving this, is celebrating traditions - like Pancake Day!

Jacob House "Top It Off"

Honey, Nutella, fresh fruit - the works! The children at Jacob House had so much fun on Pancake Day this year and all enjoyed getting involved - not only with eating them, but with the preparations too! Nothing beats gathering in the kitchen as a family, winding down and sharing stories from everyone’s day whilst cooking up a storm for dinner…or dessert.

Not only does cooking together contribute to ensuring a warm, family-like environment, but it also encourages the children to build on their skills and develop and enjoy new or existing hobbies. Creating these opportunities for the young people is something we pride ourselves in at First Blue Healthcare.

Encouraging Educational Conversations

Whilst we enjoy the sweet side of Shrove Tuesday, it is important to remember where it comes from. The staff at First Blue Healthcare like to make the young people aware of different religious traditions and celebrations and promote these kinds of conversations in the children's homes.

Plus, it marks the countdown for Easter - when the fun will start again!

We are dedicated to providing the best quality of care to all the young people in our children’s residential homes. If you are interested in following our stories, check out our News & Events Page as we have regular updates and lots in the pipeline for the upcoming weeks.