Hanukkah - Promoting a Multi-Faith Environment at First Blue Healthcare

December 13, 2023

First Blue Healthcare is a multi-faith, multi-cultural establishment, we fully embrace the diversity of our staff and the young people and children in our care. Through encouraging an understanding of other people’s beliefs, whether they have a faith or not, we promote an atmosphere of respect for the individual, where everyone can work and live together in a truly inclusive atmosphere.



Multi-Faith Celebrations in our Homes

We understand that for some of the young people in our care, celebrating their faith is an important part of life. That is why we support and encourage multi-faith celebrations, as it enables children to feel included and appreciated, while also gaining important insight into different religions, values, and practices. At the same time, children can develop a greater awareness of their own faith or beliefs and learn to celebrate them in a safe and nurturing environment. By fostering an inclusive and supportive atmosphere we can help to create an environment where all children feel safe, respected, and valued.


Celebrating Hanukkah

Take Hanukkah for example, known as the Festival of Lights, it is a representation of joy, reflection, and celebration for Jewish people all over the world. It is certainly a time of fun and enjoyment at one of our children’s homes, where everyone has made an effort to make this a special time for one of the young people there. Every day there are different activities and exciting foods, which has seen the non-Jewish young people and the staff embracing the festivities and learning about this special occasion. It does not stop there; we have gone one step further and had our own celebration. We had great delight by indulging in some lovely sweet donuts at our managers' meeting, they were delicious!

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