Bellhurst Cottage: Inspiring Charity Work At One Of Our Children’s Homes

October 12, 2023

At First Blue Healthcare, we love to hear inspiring stories from our children’s homes. That’s why we are especially proud to share the incredible charity work that has taken place at Bellhurst Cottage.

Cancer Research Walk

One of the young people at Bellhurst Cottage wanted to do something to give back whilst exercising, so he chose to do 30 miles in 30 days for Cancer Research. His hard work definitely paid off, raising a whopping £185 for the charity.

Each time he went out walking, he and the adults wrote a piece about what they had seen and experienced. These were fascinating, both spooky and exciting. The staff at Bellhurst Cottage are so proud of him. He was so determined that he even finished ahead of the target by 2 days. He also made the walks great fun by wearing wigs. 

Below, the staff have shared a small insight into one of the young person write-ups:

"You walked up the lane in amongst the puddles, this is the first time you completed the walk without an adult with you. You turned back round after so long as you had to walk around all the puddles, making it longer than it would normally be. The puddles were vast and had a murky depth to them, anything could have been lurking in them.

This evening, we walked up to the White Ladies Priory. We were somewhat spooked as all of a sudden, things went very cold and we thought we saw a shadow, oh my gosh, we did see something walk in front of us. It was very strange because the figure was familiar to us both. I couldn’t quite put my finger on where I had seen this person before. I looked through the gap in the ruins, and I was shocked as one minute you were stood by me, and then AAAHHHHH you were in the ruins looking straight through me. Only you will know. SPPOOOKKKYYY!"

All of us at First Blue Healthcare are so proud of his achievement. We love to see young people thrive during their time with us, and we can’t wait to share more success stories in the future.

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