Autumn Homes Update – Halloween, Fitness and More

October 25, 2022

It’s been a busy few weeks at our First Blue Healthcare children’s homes. Everyone at Bellhurst Cottage is getting excited about Halloween, we’ve had a new member of the Kacey Household and Woodlands have gone fitness crazy. There’s lots going on during these autumn months so let's take a quick look in more detail.

Fitness First at Woodlands

It’s been a fun month at Woodlands. With lots of fun days out, with Alton Towers being one of them! Fitness has also been somewhat of a focus recently, we’ve been holding competitions on the cross-trainer and seeing who can skip for the longest.

After all that exercise, relaxation is a must, with nothing better than having cosy nights in watching favourite movies and of course accompanied by some essential snacks.

A New Arrival at Kacey House

Kacey House was pleased to welcome a new arrival to the home, who has settled in well and made friends with the other young person who is living at the home. It’s great they are building a good relationship and have already made a fantastic den in the garden; they also enjoy planning and cooking meals together.

Both like karting and are quite competitive. It’s lovely to see them sharing positive memories together through celebrating annual events, going on holidays and having lots of engaging activities.

Halloween Decorating at Bellhurst Cottage

After a fun summer holiday and the colder months settling in, the garden at Bellhurst Cottage is quiet and readying itself for winter. There’s nothing better than looking out on an autumn day and watching the leaves fall off the trees while being cosy and warm in the cottage

Autumn also brings with it some excitement. The children have had an excellent time putting up their Halloween decorations and have enjoyed a few spooky activities, like pumpkin picking, and to make it really special, a trip to Alton Tower’s Scarefest.

Halloween at First Blue Healthcare

Halloween at First Blue Healthcare this year was a success, with the young people and adults pulling out all stops for the best Spooktastic House. Even the house pet’s got involved this year!! This was a nice little warm-up to prepare everyone for the best-decorated house for Christmas!! Baubles and tinsel at the ready!!

There are some exciting things happening in our children’s homes over the autumn months and it’s great to see what the young people in our care have been up to in the last few weeks. If you would like to know more about children’s residential care at First Blue Healthcare please get in touch.