Coming in 2023: Our Family Assessment Centres

January 10, 2023

Later this year, First Blue Healthcare will open the doors to our first Family Assessment Centre.

What is a Family Assessment Centre?

Family Assessment Centres provide residential accommodation for parents and children who have been referred for support, supervision and assessment. Our assessment centres provide the perfect environment to be able to assess parenting capabilities better and provide individualised support relative to a family’s needs.

Helping Families Stay Together

Although the main focus is on providing assessments for local authorities and the courts, our ambition at First Blue Healthcare is to help families stay together. To do this, we work with parents to help develop all the skills and knowledge needed to provide the very best support for their children. Parents will also be given advice and guidance when necessary.

Promoting Positive Outcomes for All

We take great pride in providing an environment that is warm, welcoming, and homely. Lots of effort goes into ensuring our services are well equipped and well maintained, ensuring everyone enjoys their time while in their home away from home. As with all our Children’s Residential Services, we provide a happy, safe environment that promotes positive outcomes for all.

Click here for more information about our Family Assessment Centres.