Eurovision Comes to First Blue Healthcare

May 30, 2023

Here at First Blue Healthcare, we were very excited to celebrate the Eurovision Song Contest, especially as it was held in Liverpool. As you can see some of our homes took it to heart, there was lots of good food, music and some great decorations. We all had a really good time.

Well done everyone!


Here are a few snippets from the competition.


Sweden always pulls a good one out of the bag and it looks like some of our head office staff managed to pick a winner, or did they? Find out later who won.





The flag bunting was up on Wednesday evening all ready for the big day at our Cornerstone home. You can imagine the delight when on Thursday morning it was pointed out that the flags represented Malta, not Poland. So just a slight adjustment was required!!

To help create an authentic feel the local Polish shop came in handy.  Snacks for the night were FYKA crisps, Vedel cake, Herbatniki (star biscuits), and lots of other Polish treats and goodies. It was great to see everyone working together to make it such a fun experience.





You can always rely on Iceland to come up with something impressive.  Our Iceland entry at Aidan house also didn’t disappoint. Lots of effort went into their theme, and those glasses, we should all have a pair! 




The Results

Each of our homes chose a country to represent.

 Germany – Bellhurst Cottage

 France – Primrose House

 Italy – Trident House

 Spain – Carly House

 Sweden – Head Office

 Ukraine – March Banks

 Australia - Woodlands

 Cyprus – Jacob House

 Greece – Pearl House

 Ireland – Cherry Tree

 Iceland – Aidan House

 Poland - Cornerstone

 United Kingdom – Coach House

 Malta – Stephenson House

 Portugal – Kacey House



As you can imagine it was a difficult job choosing a winner from so many entries, and it was just so great to see everyone getting involved, having a good time and enjoying themselves.


So here they are the winners of First Blue Healthcare’s 2023 Eurovision Song Contest. It has to be said, the winner’s use of the German language was something to behold! 

Amazon vouchers are on their way!