Festive Fun at First Blue Healthcare

December 29, 2022

At First Blue Healthcare, we are dedicated to providing a stable, homely, and happy environment for our young people. That’s why our staff put a great deal of effort into making sure the young people in our care have a fantastic Christmas; one they will remember for years to come. This year was no exception and everyone was kept busy with the festivities.

Stephenson House - Festive Shopping Trips and Music Performances

All our staff and children have been busy during the Christmas period. At Stephenson House, they enjoyed a few visits to the German Christmas Market in Birmingham. Here they enjoyed the delights of creamy hot chocolate, with the full works, cream, marshmallows, and some absolutely delicious sugar rush doughnuts. As well as this, they had a trip to the Alton Towers magical gardens, where, of course, they had to sample the hot chocolate, this was purely for quality control purposes, they had to make sure they measured up to the German Market!!

Embracing different faiths

The children had lots of other festive trips, like visiting the local garden centre to see their decorations and check out the pets. They celebrated Hanukkah in the home, allowing the young people to acknowledge different beliefs. They are also looking forward to celebrating Chinese New Year! As well as this, they have spent time with family and friends and have enjoyed a well-earned rest from education, as the young people worked really, really hard throughout the year. They also have an up-and-coming musical star in the midst who performed in front of his whole school as well as family and friends.

Fine food and movies at March Banks

Everyone at March Banks had a wonderful Christmas Day. They enjoyed a beautifully cooked Christmas dinner made by one of our lovely staff members. Once they had finished that, they relaxed and watched Christmas movies.

From all of us at First Blue Healthcare, we hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year. We can’t wait to see what our houses get up to in the New Year!