First Blue Healthcare Acquire Stafford's Rowley House

February 28, 2023

Today marks a massive achievement at First Blue Healthcare - we've officially got the keys to our first Family Assessment Centre!

With 12 private en-suite, large family rooms, we are very optimistic that this property is going to strengthen the new service we will be providing at First Blue Healthcare.

Rowley House also offers multiple communal spaces and is in the centre of Stafford town with great access to numerous local amenities - enabling the families to enjoy both mixing with others as well as independence and time to themselves.

What Is a Family Assessment Centre?

When a local authority has referred a family for supervision and assessment of parenting capabilities, our Family Assessment Centre will provide support and residential accommodation to cater the family's needs during the assessment process.

Alongside providing an in-depth assessment for local authorities and the courts, at First Blue Healthcare, our desired outcome will always be to help the families stay together. Our trained professionals are dedicated to helping all parents, regardless of their circumstances, by providing them with the greatest support and guidance in developing the necessary skills and knowledge to care properly for their children.

Let The Renovations Begin

As with all our properties, we will be stripping the interior of our Family Assessment Centre back to its shell and completely starting from scratch. This will enable us to create a high-quality home, with modern finishes and most importantly a homely, welcoming environment which will be comfortable for any family who may live there.

Along the way, we will be sharing our progress so keep an eye out for our blogs.


Our Family Assessment Centre will be opening later in the year, and we will need to organise a whole team of staff. If you are interested in a career with First Blue Healthcare, watch this space but also check out our current vacancies here.