First Blue Healthcare’s Sea Fishing Adventure

June 24, 2022

Last week we took three of our young people on a very exciting sea fishing trip. The idea for the trip came about through consultation at the First Blue Healthcare’s Young Person’s Forum. It was something some of our older children wanted, so we started to put plans into action to make it happen.

Our adventure started in Rhyl on the north coast of Wales. We all had a fantastic time, and it was a great success, with everybody catching plenty of fish. One of the highlights of the trip was catching a Tub Gurnard and a Starry Smooth-Hound. In fact, everyone enjoyed it so much that we’ve been asked if we can organise another trip. Well of course we will! For us here at First Blue Healthcare there’s nothing better than seeing our young people happy and fulfilling a sense of achievement. So, another trip is being organised for later in the year.

How does fishing benefit young people?

At First Blue Healthcare we take huge pride in ensuring the best possible outcomes for the children and young people in our care, especially in relation to their physical and mental wellbeing. Fishing we believe is a type of therapy. The beneficial effects of fishing on mental health are well known and there have been several studies and articles about the subject from organisations such as the Canal & River Trust.

Other benefits

  1. Being outside and within nature enabled our young people to appreciate their surroundings and being at sea provided them with a totally different experience from being on land.
  2. Fishing has social benefits too and is an ideal way of building friendships, as well as developing communication skills by fishing with peers.
  3. It is very relaxing and requires a lot of focus. Which in turn reduces stress levels.
  4. Fishing is great for improving dexterity. It also relies on balance and coordination, for example when reeling in the catch, especially when the boat rolled around on the waves.

We believe by encouraging our children and young people to participate in activities such as fishing, they will not only have fun, but it will also have an overall positive effect on their general wellbeing.

The Young Person’s Forum at First Blue Healthcare

This trip came about through a consultation at the First Blue Healthcare’s Young Person’s Forum. The forum meets once a month and is an excellent opportunity for the young people in our care, to make suggestions on things that matter to them.

The success of our fishing trip is proof that allowing our young people to have their own voice about their care promotes more positive rewarding experiences. Being listened to and having their views taken seriously is an important factor in their emotional wellbeing. You can find out more here about our children's residential care at First Blue Healthcare