Individualised Training and Outstanding Opportunities at First Blue Healthcare

June 21, 2023

Training and Development of Staff

First Blue Healthcare has continued to expand over the past few years, and we are now proud to boast an impressive portfolio of residential children’s homes in the West Midlands and the North West. We couldn’t have achieved this without the help of our amazing teams, whose knowledge, expertise, and understanding ensure that our homes provide outstanding environments for our children to live and thrive.

Our staff are important to us, we believe all individuals should be encouraged to reach their maximum potential. This is why we make sure all staff whether new to working in residential childcare or progressing in their career, are provided with the necessary training, support, and resources to enable them to be fully competent and confident in the care they provide. 


Expanding our Training Facilities

We have the resources and facilities to be able to offer the very best training to our staff. Only recently we have opened a fantastic new training venue in the West Midlands region which can accommodate large groups of people. It's ideal for subjects such as PACE and behaviour support training, which is the standard model we use to help and support traumatised children. Attendance can be quite high on these training programmes so having a large venue means we can accommodate more people.


Our training support system is accessible to all staff regardless of position, here are some of the strategies we have in place:

1.  Regular Training Opportunities

We provide regular training sessions so that any gaps in knowledge can be addressed, new practices introduced and to keep staff up to date with the latest company and industry news or new developments. All our staff are trained in therapeutic care based on the PACE model of therapy. 


2.  Investing in Education

Many of the children and young people in our care have experienced some form of trauma or adversity and benefit greatly from having carers who have a good understanding of how to support them.  We provide the necessary resources to enable our staff to gain industry recognised qualifications so that they have the skills and knowledge required to be able to help children who have complex issues.


3.  Mentoring and Ongoing Support

Mentoring can provide ongoing support and guidance for employees and aids targetted learning. This can help to build confidence and competence.


4.  Experiential Learning

Learning from experience is always a useful practice and one we encourage at First Blue Healthcare. Learning from reflection and your own practice, or providing opportunities to learn from others, is a beneficial tool and aids progression. It's the chance for our staff to gain practical experience of working in different situations and understanding other roles and duties.


5.  Supporting Continuing Professional Development

Continuing professional development (CPD) is essential for providing an individualised understanding of strengths and weaknesses and where extra support or training would be beneficial. It encourages progress and eliminates stagnation and forms an integral part of our staff development program.


By investing in education and providing outstanding training opportunities, we can develop a skilled and confident workforce capable of providing high-quality care to vulnerable children and young people.

You can find out more about our children’s homes here.


Children's Home Job Vacancies

As we continue to grow and expand we are always looking for new talent; if you are interested in joining the First Blue Healthcare team and dedicated to supporting children and young people in residential care, then we may have the very job for you. Take a look at our careers page here for current listed job vacancies.