Kacey House Goes To Sherwood Forest

September 7, 2022

At First Blue Healthcare, we place great importance on giving our young people a wide range of opportunities. This month the young people at Kacey House, one of our children’s homes in the North West, got a fabulous opportunity to go on holiday to Nottinghamshire to visit the spectacular Sherwood Forest.

Everyone was excited to explore the forest's 10,000 years of history. We had a huge list of things we wanted to complete. It was impossible to do it all, but we gave it a good go (whilst making sure we left plenty of time to chill in the hot tub.)

Day One - Exploring the nature reserve

On day one we explored the site and some areas within the forest. Being a nature reserve, there was plenty of wildlife for us to explore. So, we went woodland creature hunting and found plenty of squirrels and even some deer tracks. We also had a pine cone competition to see who could find the best one. It’s still heavily debated who won!

Day Two - Cycling adventure

At First Blue Healthcare we always aim to take a dynamic approach to children’s residential care, and we can really utilise this approach when on holiday with our young people. Ensuring we choose activities that the children will enjoy, placing great importance on making sure our young people create happy memories in our care.

Day two was definitely a great day for one of our young people. On this day we spent a full 6 hours riding around the cycle trails and it was a day of fun and thrill-seeking all around. G said his favourite moment was when Simon rode right into the same tree twice.

Day Three - Exploring History

We were lucky enough to be visiting a forest that has a vast history so we couldn’t visit Sherwood Forest without delving into the legend of Robin Hood. First though, we went to Creswell Crag and saw cave paintings and bones that were 1000 years old. We also did a puzzle trial and found all 6 of the hidden paintings. After this, we went to see the iconic Major Oak. It’s deep within the forest and legend has it that Robin Hood used to live in this tree over 1000 years ago.

Our Last Night in the Forest

On the last night, we were relaxing and all chilled out when suddenly, the forest gave us one last surprise. A little squirrel came right up to us and took food out of our hands. G said it was quite impressive how much the little squirrel took.

We are committed to providing the young people in our care with happy memories they will never forget. Check out our news page for our latest updates and find out what’s happening on a regular basis at First Blue Healthcare. You can find out more about our individual homes here