Summer at Stephenson House

September 8, 2023

At First Blue Healthcare, we are dedicated to providing the very best children’s residential care. The staff at all our homes always make sure that the young people they care for make fantastic memories during their time with us and look back on their time with fond memories. At Stephenson House, one of our children’s homes, they have had an exciting summer. In this blog, we recap on all the exciting things they got up to this summer. 

A Week in Blackpool 

The staff and young people at Stephenson House kick-started the summer season by embarking on a delightful weeklong trip to Blackpool, which turned out to be a celebrity hotspot beyond their expectations. A trip to Madame Tussauds meant that they rubbed shoulders with the likes of Olly Murs and KSI, had a friendly encounter with some caped crusaders and even maintained their best behaviour while mingling with some royalty. 

Their trip may have also resulted in some generous spending at the arcades, but the fun they had and the souvenirs they collected are priceless mementoes of their visit. Of course, no trip to Blackpool is complete without experiencing the exhilarating rides at Blackpool Pleasure Beach. Despite the initial trepidation of choosing the biggest ride first, they soon realised they were at the point of no return, strapped in, committed to the thrill. Both the staff and young people had a great time, with their highlight of the visit being the Wallace and Gromit ride. 


A Trip to Northern Ireland 

Their adventures extended far and wide, even taking them to the enchanting Emerald Isle. While exploring this beautiful destination, they immersed themselves in the Titanic Museum, which led them to question whether there truly was enough space for Jack on that fateful float. The Emerald Isle lived up to its name, providing the staff and young people with plenty of serene moments to reflect and soak in the area’s rich history. They took advantage of the beautiful sites and embarked even on a tour, which allowed them to explore the renowned sites the city and beyond have to offer. 


Discovering a Hidden Gem Within Worcestershire and Day Trips

As well as their other fantastic trips, they also ventured into the vibrant Sunflower Fields in Worcester. They had a humorous attempt at a ‘Maize Maze’ (although the less said about that, the better). If you thought that was a jam-packed summer, they still packed in lots of exciting day trips. These included Alton Towers, Thorpe Park, some enjoyable movie nights at the cinema and some great outings with friends and family. The Stephenson House management team also took a well-deserved break from their computer screens to enjoy a seaside day trip with two of their young people. For one of them, this day will forever remain a cherished memory. 


Celebrating Fantastic Exam Results

Amidst all the fun that Stephenson House had, they still found time to relax and prepare themselves for the return to school - a reminder of the daily routine ahead. At First Blue Healthcare, our staff place a great emphasis on education for positive future outcomes. So it’s great to see when the hard work of both the young people and staff pays off. It certainly did for one young person at Stephenson House. The staff at Stephenson House are so proud of how well they have done, and they have certainly reaped the rewards of all their hard work.  

Stephenson House Summer

It has been a busy but fantastic summer for both staff and young people at Stehpehson House. At First Blue Healthcare, we are proud of the memories and opportunities we offer to all children at our children’s homes.