Summer Fun At First Blue Healthcare

August 2, 2022

Spring and summer is always a busy time for the staff and children at our residential homes. As the weather improves so does the opportunity to get out and about, and alongside trips and outings, there is still plenty of activities at home.

Here are a few snippets of what’s been happening at some of our children's residential homes in the North West and West Midlands over the past few months.

West Midlands Homes


Our children are at the center of everything we do here at First Blue Healthcare and Woodlands children's home is no exception to this. At Woodlands we like our young people to have as many experiences as possible and make wonderful memories. Woodlands is a safe and loving environment and on special occasions and birthdays, it’s about making the day all about them.

At the weekends and school holidays, we try to go to lots of different places. Our aim is to encourage the young people in our care to participate in a variety of experiences, including bowling, bonfires, the seaside, festivals, Alton Towers, Warwick Castle, and the Black Country Museum.

Bellhurst Cottage

We have certainly had a busy few weeks at Bellhurst Cottage. We’ve been enjoying the sunshine in between the rainy days. Although the rain is certainly needed for our beautiful pear and cherry trees.

As well as this we have celebrated a birthday that was filled with fun, laughter, balloons and not forgetting cake!! We also had fun dressing up as dinosaurs which our neighbouring horses found rather interesting as well. The chickens were very intrigued and found it interesting to see two dinosaurs in the same way that they do.

Our games night was great fun, especially monopoly. It’s great to see our young people being so business-minded, bankrupting the adults and becoming self-made monopoly millionaires!

We love doing lots of activities at Bellhurst cottage, as we know that having fun and being happy can have a positive effect on mental wellbeing.


One of our young ladies enjoyed using her Merlin Pass and had a great time at some of the attractions including Alton Towers, the Sealife Centre, and Thorpe Park. Her next visit will be to Blackpool, she especially wants to see the Blackpool Tower and the Ballroom as she is a massive Strictly fan.

North West Homes

Aidan House

June has been a fantastic month at Aidan House. We have seen one of our young people complete his GCSE exams and our other young person move to a new school, where she will be receiving more hours of education each day. This was her own decision and shows how well she is doing. We are extremely proud of them both.

Both our young people are planning towards a well-deserved holiday and are enjoying some trips out over the summer. It is fantastic to see them thriving at Aiden House, building memories, and having fun.

Lily House

At First Blue Healthcare we place great value on providing our young people with a safe and happy environment. Lily House is no exception, it is a lovely modern children’s residential home located in Burnley and offers space for 3 children and young people. Recently we had an amazing night playing board games for hours. It was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

You can find more information about all our children’s care homes here